Petroleum Energy Company is a subsidiary of Zeren Group Holding, serving with its experience and history of over 50 years.
We provide services in the production, distribution and refining of natural gas and petroleum products.
We offer a wide range of services ranging from technical and financial feasibility studies to market and regulatory research to local and foreign entrepreneurs who are or want to be active in energy production, distribution, and sales.

We continue to be an active investor with our company at the forefront of the world energy markets.

We continue to drive the energy transition from our strengths, consolidating multi-energy, betting on quality industry and employment.

Petroleum energy management involves overseeing the planning, execution, and completion of projects related to the exploration, production, refining, and distribution of petroleum products. These projects are often complex and require careful coordination of resources, stakeholders, and timelines to ensure success.
Our rapidly growing business is constantly learning,investing and pushing boundaries to help drive the energy transition at pace and scale. Our people and projects are focussed on supporting long-term sustainable growth and strengthening the resilience of the world around us.

Vision, Mission

Vision Statement

To be a leader in the petrol industry.

Mission Statement

Ensuring the security of supply through sustainable and efficient distribution of petroleum products and services.